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Rane 2015 Rotary mixer

The new Rane MP2015 rotary mixer is a mixer that old school and new school house heads have been waiting for. Rane has put all of there many years of build quailty and experience into a mixer that looks like it will take over the rotary mixer champion spot from the now 19inch rack mixers that we know so well. Even at a high price point ($2899) it comes in much cheaper then the high end 19inch mixers like Bozak and others. While you can still get the MP2016 19 inch mixer with expander at a cheaper price, the MP2015 has an internal sound card and is ready for Serato or Traktor, and is far superior in sound quailty and features. Rane prides itself on building dj gear that makes sense and is geared towards djs that want a specific piece of dj gear for there style of djing. And the word in the house head & rotary mixer dj world is that Rane hit a homerun with the new MP2015 mixer. Smooth rotary feel with built in isolators and effects makes this a dj's dream when it comes to long smooth mixing of those deep pounding house beats we love so much.

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