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Pioneer XDJ-700 media player

Pioneer's new XDJ-700 media player adds to there new XDJ line of media players. While it seems Pioneer is flooding the market with all there CDJ's and controllers, they just keep on pushing forward with more dj gear that only seems to be taking a bite out of the sales of only there more expensive DJ gear by releasing this new compact player with just about all the features you can find on there higher end models. Now at $699 suggested retail price, it seems Pioneer dj has players through out the dj gear price range to cover all other brands and pricing. Can anyone say Monopoly? If the Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus is the industry standard and you want to be a superstar dj like so many young kids today. Then no need to even look at any other brand.. Now you can have a low cost Pioneer dj setup that plays like the big boys. Since the CDJ's/XDJ's are so simular to play on, the transition from one to another should be seemless using ther Pioneer DJ Rekordbox software.

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