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Pioneer has yet again thrown a new controller into the DJ pool of gear, but this one JUST features it's Rekordbox DJ software. This controller packs a lot of Pioneer's industry standard features that we have all grown to love throughout the years. No more looking at a laptop, just bring your Rekordbox ready USB stick and you are ready to go. Two decks not enough for you? Well this controller can also be used as a stand alone mixer. Just add CDJ's or Turntables, and have up to 4 connected players total. While Pioneer wasn't the first to come out with a controller with a display on it (waveform display like the DJ S/W programs), it is the first to not be using Serato,Traktor, or VDJ and still have the software display that we have all grown to love as DJ's. We can still read our tracks as we are in the mix for breaks, and beat drops. Double the Price of the Numark NV at $1499.99 will it be too steep a price for DJ controller lovers, or beginners that want to get into the DJ world? Is Rekordbox ready to join the big 3 DJ software programs as a reliable option for DJs? Will it be welcomed into the Dj world, when there are many other controllers at a much lower price that do the same thing if not more, and use a known proven DJ software? We will have to wait and see what the answers are... Stay tuned.

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